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2021 Lottery System

As I write this, we have now been open for 5 weeks – it’s been great to see everyone out enjoying our beautiful golf course.  Within this 5-week period, however, the demand for ‘access to the tee’ has been at an all-time high – even higher than last year.  So far, on average, we are seeing at least 370 golfing requests per day in our lottery system, with 15 days having over 400+ requests.  WOW!  Just to put this into perspective, in 2019 we had only 4 days ALL SEASON of 400+ daily requests.  We are deeply concerned that this extreme volume is resulting in unprecedented request deviations, including some ‘nil’ results.

The purpose of this email is to explain the Club’s ‘access to the tee’ lottery system (The GGGolf Lottery System); outline the concept of ‘league play’; and, to talk about the 9-minute tee-spacing to be implemented starting Wednesday, June 30th.

The GGGolf Lottery 

The key factors that drive the GGGolf lottery system are:

  • Number of lottery ballots for a particular tee-time,
  • Tee request success/failure factor, and
  • Membership category play restrictions.The GGGolf lottery system is designed to be ‘fair’ to all members subject to our Club’s rules, as well as playing restrictions per membership category.

The process used to execute the lottery is based on the number of times members don’t get their desired tee times. This is called Percentage of Failure.  The percentage is calculated by adding-up the number of times a player did not obtain their tee times divided by the total number of lotteries the player participated in.  A Failure is counted when players don’t get a tee time within the balloted range of plus or minus 30 minutes.  This means that the more times a member is successful in getting their desired tee time, the less likely that member will be successful the next time they enter a ballot.

During the draw, the Percentages of Failure of the players within a given foursome are combined to form that foursome’s Total Percentage of Failure.  The lottery, then, gives priority to foursomes who have been penalized most (based on this percentage), since the beginning of the season.  The higher the combined percentage, the greater the likelihood for a group to get their preferred tee time. The lower the combined percentage, the likelihood of success is less.

While filling out ballots, members can indicate if they prefer playing sooner or later should their requested time no longer be available during the draw.  If a member requests later but no places are available 2 or 3 hours later, then the system may place the group earlier.  All lottery results are saved automatically, even if a group cancels their time after the lottery is run.

Below is a screenshot and explanation of how the lottery ballots look:

  • On the left is the groups’ Requested time.
  • On the right is each players’ Percentage of Failure, P1%, P2%, P3%, & P4%
  • Also on the right is the Tot%, which is the groups’ average Percentage of Failure.
  • Please note, although 1 or 2 golfers in the group may have a HIGH percentage of failure, it does not necessarily mean the group will get their desired time.  It is the group’s TOTAL average that is taken into consideration.

Please note that this represents a small sampling (36 golfers) of how the lottery ballots looks on our end.  We average close to 370 golfers in each ballot.

League Play

Men’s, Women’s, & Mixed League Play is continuing for 2021.  Members who participate in League Play enter the lottery the same way everyone else does and are subject to the same lottery conditions. Thursday Men’s League can be played on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and Mixed League can be played all week.  League Play offers fun and friendly competition amongst league participants and is a big part of the culture at the Club.

9-Minute Tee Intervals 

Until we see a reduction in the number of lottery requests that we receive per day, and to help lower the number of Members receiving notable tee time deviations, starting this Wednesday we will move from 10-minute to 9-minute intervals on days where there are over 375 golfers booked in the lottery.  By doing this, it will create approximately 10 more tee times throughout the day.  Please note, this will not guarantee that golfers will not receive undesirable tee times, it will simply reduce the number of times that it occurs.

As a general reminder, with 9-minute tee times, Members must have a heightened awareness of Pace of Play while on the golf course.  Golf rounds should not take longer that 4-hours to complete.  Please be fully aware of your group’s spot on the golf course and ensure that you do your best to keep up to the group ahead of you.

I hope this helps everyone better understand the process on how the lottery works.  For more clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tyler Fitzgerald
Head Golf Professional