The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club
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Guest Information

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Guest Information

The Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club extends a warm welcome to our members’ guests. We hope that you enjoy our dining and recreational facilities and that your visit with us is memorable.


The Club has plenty of free parking in two main parking lots, and is wheelchair accessible.

For golfers, we suggest the South parking lot to your right as soon as you turn into Club property from Hunt Club Road.

For curlers, the North parking lot, to the right directly past the Clubhouse provides easy access to the curling entrance.

There is also parking directly in front of the Clubhouse, on the road below the front entrance.

Dress Code

Like most private facilities, the Hunt has a dress code. It reflects club traditions but also considers current trends in golf wear and the practices of other private clubs. members and guests must wear attire that conforms to the dress code.

Individuals whose clothing does not meet Hunt Club standards will be provided an opportunity to purchase appropriate attire from the Golf Shop. If the opportunity is declined, they will be asked to leave the premises.

Golf Bag Drop

The Bag Drop is in the South parking lot by the Golf Shop. For special events, there may be a specially designated Bag Drop area, which will be well marked.

Curling Entrance

To access the Curling Lounge, park in the North lot and take the path to the back of the Clubhouse.  The entrance just past the terrace stairs is the easiest way to get to the Curling Lounge.

Golf Shop

All golfing guests must report to the Golf Shop, where staff will assist with information, clothing and equipment.


Guest lockers are available to visiting golfers. Please contact the Golf Shop at 613-736-1134 to make arrangements.

Cell Phones

For the comfort of our members and guests, the use of cellular phones is prohibited in all food service and lounge areas. Cell phones may be used for e-mail and text messaging but must be on silent or vibrate mode in food service and lounge areas. The speaker option on cell phones may not be used while indoors or in food service areas.

Recreational Use of Cannabis

The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club does not permit the recreational use of cannabis anywhere on Club property. This Policy applies to all members, guests, staff, suppliers and contractors while on Club property.

Dress Code

The Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club is a traditional golf, curling, and social club. Accordingly, the Club’s dress code reflects a level of decorum that members feel is in keeping with Club traditions.

Members are responsible for ensuring that they and their guests conform to all dress code regulations. Staff has been instructed to inform any member of a dress code violation.  The member has a duty to remedy the situation or be subject to disciplinary action.

Parents and Sponsors are responsible for ensuring that children’s attire adheres to the dress code. The Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club recognizes that children’s clothing trends often vary from adults; therefore, some leniency will be given provided their attire is in good taste.


Prohibited Attire

The following attire is prohibited on all Club property:

  • T-shirts
  • ripped jeans
  • flip-flops or slides
  • spandex, exercise pants or shorts (excluding yoga or wellness activities)
  • cut-offs
  • cargo pants/shorts with exterior pockets
  • caps or visors in indoor dining areas (excluding the Hut)
  • denim in the Fine Dining Room (off the Willie Park Lounge)
  • shorts, skirts or skorts above mid-thigh
  • tank or crop tops

Clubhouse Attire

Smart Casual attire is permitted in the Clubhouse.

Golf Attire


  • Shoes: NO METAL SPIKES. Golf sandals are permitted.
  • Socks with Shorts: must be knee-length or sockettes. Athletic socks, mid-calf length socks or socks rolled down are prohibited.
  • Hats: Caps or visors may not be worn backwards. Caps bearing sports’ team logos are prohibited.
  • Rain Wear: Rain suits and wind suits are permitted.
  • Logos: Clothing and golf bags bearing the logo of an organization closely related to golf, such as clothing designers and golf equipment manufacturers, are acceptable. Small, discreet logos are permitted on clothing. All logos on attire must be unobtrusive.


Standard golf clothing for men is golf slacks or shorts and a collared shirt and/or sweater. (New style “blade” collars and mock neck collars are acceptable.)

This is exemplified further as follows:

  • Slacks: Golf slacks must be tailored. Plus fours are permitted.
  • Shorts: Golf shorts must cover at least half of the thigh.
  • Shirts: Golf shirts must have a collar and be neatly tucked into golf slacks or golf shorts. Turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks and blade collars (long- or short-sleeved) are permitted.


Standard golf clothing for ladies is golf slacks, shorts, skorts, golf dress or a skirt, and a collared shirt and or sweater. (New style “blade” collars and mock neck collars are acceptable.)

This is exemplified further as follows:

  • Slacks: Golf slacks and capri pants are permitted.
  • Shorts: Golf shorts, skorts, skirts must cover at least half of the thigh.
  • Shirts: Sleeveless golf shirts are permitted, providing they have a collar (standard, mock or blade). Turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks are permitted.
  • Golf shirts without a collar may be worn providing they have sleeves and a high neckline. Scooped necklines and low-cut armholes of any description are not acceptable. Shirts must be neatly tucked into golf slacks, shorts, skirts, skorts or capri pants. Shirts designed to be worn over slacks/shorts/skirts/skorts or capri pants are permitted providing they have a finished bottom and fall 2” to 4” below the waist. Bare midriffs, tank tops, and long, untucked shirts are not permitted. One piece golf dresses are permitted so long as the dress covers at least half of the thigh and is not a “racerback” style. Racerback shirts are not permitted.
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