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Lightning Detection System

The lightning detection system notifies players (on course) if a storm is approaching.

If lightning is in the area, ONE LONG HORN BLAST will sound to indicate to seek shelter.

We ask members to follow the following steps to safety when the lightning detecting system is in alert: 

  • STOP PLAY IMMEDIATELY. Seek an on-course shelter or go directly to your car.
  • If you are unable to safely return to your car, please proceed to the Curling Rink to seek shelter (the Back Shop and Golf Shop will not be accessible during a lightning delay).
  • Members MUST practice social distancing while inside the Curling Rink.
  • The Willie Park Lounge can accommodate a maximum of 50 patrons.  Members may seek shelter inside the WPL if there are seats available.
  • Members who seek shelter on the Clubhouse balcony or under a canopy do so at their own risk.   Please be aware that there will be no outdoor food and beverage service during the lightning delay due to safety reasons.
  • Given the small area of the Hut, it is not available for an indoor shelter during lightning alerts.
  • Once the lightning has passed, THREE LONG HORN BLASTS will signify the “All Clear”, and golfers may return to the golf course.

Thank you.