Categories and Fees

The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club is an excellent place to share with friends and family, meet new people, or just relax and unwind. A superb setting, spacious facilities, fine food, and attentive service combine with good fellowship to assure members the enjoyment of a first-class club.

The Hunt Club offers three types of membership – golf, curling, and social – and welcomes applications in all three categories.

Applicants must be sponsored by two Hunt Club members, and undergo a simple and unobtrusive referral process.

Once confirmed, new members have immediate access to all Club facilities.

Membership Rates at January 2017

PRIMARY CATEGORIES Initiation Annual Dues Minimum House *
Fully Privileged Golf (Curling privileges add $180) $15,000 $5,990 $1,200
Associate Intermediate Golf (19-29) (Limited spots) $500/yr $2,185 $600
Associate Intermediate Golf (30-40) (Limited spots) $1,000/yr $2,185 $600
Fully Privileged Curler $0 $1,100 $600
Associate Intermediate Curler $0 $560 $300
Social $500 $1,100 $600
Golfing Spouse Fully Privileged $2,500 $5,990 $300
Spouse $2,500 $3,815 $300
Intermediate 19–25 $0 $2,185 $300**
Junior 8–18 $0 $380 $0
Spouse $0 $560 $0
Intermediate 19–30 $0 $430 $0
Junior 10–18 $0 $50 $0
SIGNING PRIVILEGES (spouse of primary member) $0 $125 $300
* Minimum food and beverage spending (prorated monthly upon joining). House spending comprises food and beverage charges only (excluding tax and gratuity). Any annual unspent minimum as at December 31 (August 31 for Curling) is billed to the member’s account.
** $0 if 2nd family member.

The Club’s fiscal year is January 1–December 31.

By-Law 41(c)(i)(aa)
If an application for membership (other than Curling) is approved before May 31 in any year, the new Member shall be liable for the full Annual Dues for that year. For Curling Categories, the membership year is September 1 to August 31. For Curling resignations received prior to December 31 of the same calendar year, the Annual Dues shall be an amount of 50% of the annual amount in respect of that Category.
Class B Share (voting share)
Issued according to the By-Laws to Fully Privileged Golfers, Senior Golf 55+ and Associate Intermediate Golfers whose Initiation Fee has been paid in full or a signed Promissory Note is on file.
NOTE: All Fees and Dues are subject to HST.